Regions in the world with the highest populations include South-Central Asia, Eastern Asia, and South-Eastern Asia. South-Central Asia alone has over 1.7 billion people as of 2010. share: What regions in the world have the highest population?

The world's largest beaver dam was recently discovered in northern Alberta, Canada. It is estimated to be about 850 metres long. share: What is the worlds biggest beaver dam?

At the war's end, The Soviet Union became divided from the other three, built the Berlin Wall, and started the so-called cold war. share: Which nation was divided among the US great Britain France and the Soviet Union?
To my knowlage, there wasn't one. Unless my books were wrong, there wasn't a nation divided among the allied nations.

A 118m route has been set up in 1998 on the dam for climbing. share: The biggest rock climbing wall?
Biggest climbing wall is Emosson dam close to Chamonix.

It would be helpful to know if Pakistan has any other thing which other Muslim countries do not have. share: What Pakistan has but not other Muslim countries?
Uptill now only Pakistan, in all Muslim countries, is an atomic power.

Surprisingly the new nation of the United States had one thing in common with Leninism. share: What did the new US have in common with Leninism? Both Lenin and the Founding Fathers realized that establishing good trade relations with other nations was crucial to the success of both the USSR and the US.

French is spoken in not just three but in five continents: Africa, America (North America, South America and the Antilles), Europe, Oceania and Asia. See this link for 삼척출장안마 a list of French speaking countries: website Read More share: What three continents speak french?

Italy play in blue (flag is green, white and red) Germany play in white (flag is black, red and yellow) Northern Ireland play in green (flag in white and red) Read More share: Which 3 European countries have jersies which have no colors from their flag?

share: Where is the assyrian language spoken today?
There is no one language spoken by the Assyrian people--the Assyrians today speak Arabic, Persian, Neo-Aramaic languages, and Turkish--as they are spread throughout much of Middle East, though mostly Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey.

The capital of the Kushan Empire was Mathura. share: Where was the capital of the Kushan kingdom located? The capital was in where is now the country of Afghanistan in the middle east.

share: Where in Florida starts with the leter y?
Yulee is a community in Nassau County, Florida. Youngstown is a community in Bay County, Florida. Yellow River is a river in Florida.

Tunisia has millions of French speakers but French is not an official language.
Togo is the only country in the world that has French as an official language and starts with the letter T. share: What is a French country starting with T?

New countries were created by the carved up lands of the German empire and by people wanting a new country to call their own. New countries were also created to offer asylums to certain ethnic groups (Israel for the Jews, Yugoslavia for the Slavic ethnicities). share: Why did many new nations emerge after World War 2?

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There is no specific country with just Red, Yellow, and Grey, but the country that closely fits that category is Uganda. It has Red, Yellow, Grey, Black, and White. share: What country has a grey red yellow flag?

share: Why do they use blue red yellow black and green on the Olympic flag?
Though the Olympic Rings are coloured in those five colours, the flag as a whole has six colours: White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Black. At the introducation of the flag, in 1914, those six colours were all the colours that appeared in the flags of the nations participating in the Olympic Games.

The countries in Afro-Asia are countries on the continents of Africa and Asia. There are a list of African countries and a list of Asian countries in the links below. share: What are the different country in afro-Asian?

share: What element has the lowest freezing and boiling point of all the elements?
The element with the lowest freezing point is Helium and the element with the lowest boiling point is also Helium.
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